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    In-game Name: ImMatiasHD
    Age: 18
    Languages spoken: (Good English is preferable) I speak fluent english, fluent albanian and german.

    How long you have played on EpicMineWorld? I have played on epic mine world for 3+ months.

    Do you have discord? If so put the link to it here: ImMatias ᴴᴰ#4218

    What makes a good staff member?
    • I believe that a good staff member is someone that is professional both on talking and when taking actions. Someone that is friendly, trustworthy and hardworking.

    • A good staff member never stops working until everyone is satisfied, until there is order and until everyone is happy with what the server provides.

    • A good staff member always asks for more tasks, always works for the good of the server and the progress of it.

    • A good staff member uses his powers with caution, professionalism and care. Their words always weigh and attract attention.

    • A good staff member cares attention to the smallest details, to ensure professionalism and perfection in
      both looks and functionality.

    • A good staff member stays professional at all times, even when they are debating with someone else.

    • A good staff member remembers that he is representing the server, and that his actions should be thought thoroughly before executing

    • A good staff member is always organized.

    • A good staff member is patient with every situation, they do not let their real life actions or problems affect their responses or the way they communicate.
    What are some rules of the server? No advertising; No name changes; No inappropriate skins; No spamming or excessive capital letters; No client modifications; No harassment; No impersonation.

    Why should we pick you to be staff? I would provide a lot of help for the server, I would take on all of the tasks I have been assigned with care and professionalism. I will put days into helping and moderating this server. My time will be mostly spent on moderating, finding new addons that players will enjoy, helping the server grow and last but certainly not the least: helping maintain an active, and friendly community around this server.

    Do you have any other experiences with being a staff member on any other server? Yes, I have been a Supervisor Admin in FoxNetworks, I manage the server I have built from scratch in TheDarkGamesMC Network, I also am an assistant that works with all the servers configs there, but I also work on basically everything, from managing staff, creating rules etc. I am also a marketing manager and general manager in RaidPvP.


    Even though I do all of these jobs, my ontime will not be affected in the EpicMineWorld Server. I will serve and will put 110 into this server.

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